Professional Services  
  1. Lease Negotiations  
  2. Capital Improvements  
  3. Land Use Analysis  
  4. Conservation Easements  
  5. Farming Operations Analysis  
  6. Community Relations  
  7. Government Relations  
  8. Environmental Relations  
  Lease Negotiations

Lease arrangements vary widely. Cooper Land Company works with on behalf of concerned parties to define strategies, benchmark outcomes and negotiate agreements.

Farming communities are becoming less and less a homogenous group of full-time family farmers and more and more a heterogeneous group composed of large, corporate farmers, part-time farmers, farm managers and absentee landowners. Special implementation strategies may be needed to achieve higher levels of adoption among these non-traditional groups. Cooper Land Co provides negotiation services while developing, demonstrating, and evaluating the use of innovative approaches to contact, educate, and communicate with absentee landowners.

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